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Kitchens Oct 30, 2021

Unipanel SA – Introducing Luxury European Surfaces

Unipanel SA crafts decorative panels from the finest raw materials from Europe. These are processed with scrupulous attention to detail at a local facility in South Africa. Every panel is processed in-house to the most demanding standards and the results speak for themselves…

Unipanel SA offers a wide assortment of designer products to suit any interior project. Discover the broad selection of Unipanel products to subsequently find a perfect combination of style and functionality.

The Surfaces Range

This exquisite range is available in gloss, textured, matt, cement, woodgrain and metal. With so much variety, you can create a truly exceptional space. Take inspiration from some of the photographs shared in this blog.

As the name suggests, this range is thus all about surfaces – the various textures and tones that make up the whole. Each item has been meticulously designed to bring style and precision to your space.

The Metal Range is one of Europe’s latest kitchen trends and is manufactured in Germany for Unipanel SA. Metals come standard with a double face finish and do not have a melamine backer.

We also love the woodgrain range which instantly gives a space depth with the beauty of nature as inspiration.

The Exclusive Range

Simply the best the world has to offer. Cut to size in Germany. Available in Real Glass, Satin Glass and Various Popular Neolith Stone finishes. This range is also possible with MS Shuon’s Patented Laser Edgebanding Technology.

This patented Exclusive Range is therefore only available from Unipanel SA.

Unipanel SA is driven by a strong culture of innovation and excellence. Quality is therefore a core value that defines Unipanel SA and all products are manufactured to the same stringent standards, ensuring a level of reliability and superior quality.

Furthermore, rResearch, innovation, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility are the drivers that shape the brand and its values.

Shop luxury panels now available from Unipanel SA:


For more visit the website at Unipanel SA.

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