Top 3 design tips for a country kitchen from Franke

Top 3 design tips for a country kitchen from Franke. The charming country-styled kitchen is a popular trend in homes this season, as it’s light, warm, and inviting. Falling somewhere between traditional and contemporary, there are so many different ways to decorate a country kitchen, giving you the opportunity to really have fun with your kitchen renovation. Franke has sourced the top 3 design tips for a country kitchen to help you give your kitchen a face-lift.

Image sourced from Virtual Renaissance
1. It’s all about the cabinets in a country kitchen The materials used for your kitchen cabinets are a huge factor in the overall look and feel of a country kitchen. Choose wooden cabinets that have aged surfaces and add complementary pastels (such a blue, cream or pale yellow) or neutral shade of paint. Opt for round knobs, for handles, to really give your kitchen a country feel. Leave the counter tops wooden, or if you’d prefer granite countertops then select a light shade that will complement the pastel palette. Remove the cabinet door below the sink and add a floral drape to cover the open space, if you really wish to evoke a country feel.
Image sourced from Virtual Renaissance
2. Chunky freestanding furniture complements a country kitchen Make the kitchen your family’s favourite meeting place with a large, chunky wooden table with benches or wooden chairs. The more rustic the better. If you’d like a white washed look, chose a complementary colour to match the kitchen cabinets. No space for a table? That’s fine, install a free standing wooden island with a few mismatched bar stools.
Image sourced from Easylife Kitchens
  3. Country kitchens expose the rustic Country kitchens are all about natural materials, so install open shelves where you can feature timeless accessories, old milk bottles, and grannies old tea set. Hang copper pots from an old wrought iron rack and finally hang a set of decorative plates with different patterns on the wall to finish your country look and feel. Follow Franke’s wonderful design tips above to create a welcoming country kitchen  


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