The Whirlpool Wall Mounted Cooker Hood

Add style and innovation to your kitchen with the new Whirlpool wall mounted cooker hood AKR 759/1 IX. Prepare meals with ease and rest assured that your kitchen remains in peak condition.

This Whirlpool wall mounted Cooker Hood features dishwasher-safe, washable aluminium grease filters together with LED lights for ideal lighting. An outstanding cooker extractor fan ensures a fresh, grease-free cooking environment. Exclusive 6th SENSE sensor technology will also dynamically adjust energy consumption, depending on what your are cooking.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

LED lighting
Increased energy and cost efficiency. The LED lighting system lasts 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and uses 90% less energy.

Providing the ideal balance between performance and silence, Whirlpool’s ZenMode ensures the hood is powerful enough to keep the air fresh and clean while making the kitchen a quieter, more enjoyable place for cooking and socialising.

Electronic control
Effortless control. This Whirlpool Hood includes an intuitive electronic user interface, designed to provide you with the simplest, most satisfying user experience ever.

4 Speeds
Versatile performance. This Whirlpool Hood offers 4 speed options, giving you complete control over the extraction rate.

Absolute Design Collection
This Whirlpool Hood is part of the Absolute Collection, featuring exquisite design and details. Enjoy both ideal functionality and outstanding elegance.

Total annual energy consumption
Ideal performance, outstanding savings. Whirlpool Hoods are designed to provide exceptional results, while reducing energy costs.

High efficency motor
Efficiency first. The motor in this Whirlpool Hood is designed to provide ideal filtration, while ensuring high energy efficiency.

6th Sense Absolute
Easy interaction approach thanks to the intuitive icons on the UI.

Carbon Filter Included
Enjoy fresh air in your kitchen, always. This Whirlpool Hood includes a carbon purifying air filter, that effectively protects your kitchen from odours and grease.

A stylish, versatile option for any modern kitchen. Find out more at Whirlpool.


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