The Franke Kubus Filterflow water filtration system

The Franke Kubus Filterflow water filtration system, has been specially designed to supply an exceptionally clean and healthy supply of water. Fitted with a premium-grade carbon activated cartridge, the Kubus Filterflow’s unique advantages ensure that you receive quality filtered drinking water. It removes chlorides, odours and sedimentation, and retains beneficial minerals such as; calcium and magnesium, to ensure that you receive all the health benefits of drinking a clean supply of water. The health-conscious Kubus Filterflow supplies you with hot, cold and absolutely delicious filtered water all from the convenience of your kitchen mixer.

The benefits are endless with the Franke Kubus Filterflow 1. Save money with the Kubus Filterflow. It’s far more cost effective in the long run than purchasing bottled water. 2. Enjoy a much healthier and tastier supply of water with the Kubus Filterflow water filtration system. It removes chlorine and bacterial contaminants giving you complete control over the quality of your water. 3. Enjoy the convenience of having filtered water on tap from your kitchen mixer. 4. Become more environmentally friendly by purchasing less plastic bottled water with the Kubus Fliterflow. 5. Increase your overall health by drinking from a clean filtered water system. It removes unwanted contaminants and retains the necessary mineral deposits, giving you a much healthier supply of water. The features and benefits of the Franke Kubus Filterflow • Chrome plated • Carbon activated cartridge • Solid brass construction • Water purification filter • Guaranteed for 5 years on body construction • Conveniently dispenses hot, cold and filtered water There’s no time like the present to invest in a nutritious lifestyle and enjoy the wonderful benefits of a healthier supply of water with the Franke Kubus Filterflow. Contact:


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