The AGA Six-Four Oven

The AGA Six-Four Oven takes all the flexibility and convenience of an AGA heat-storage cooker and fuses it with the instant response of a conventional range cooker. When it comes to cooking credentials, you’ll have to look very hard indeed to find another conventional range cooker that comes even close. The AGA S-Series Six-Four offers six gas burners and four ovens – two electric fan ovens, a simmering oven and a separate rapid-response ceramic grill. Quite simply, there isn’t a type of cooking that it can’t perfect – whether you’re making a meal worthy of a Michelin star or whipping up a quick after-school snack for the children. And it looks just as good as it cooks.

The AGA S-Series Six-Four is both durable and stylish. With its enamelled cast-iron front plate and doors, it’s a bold style statement for any kitchen. And at just under a metre wide, it can also fit into any design plan with ease – placed against a wall, within an island unit or nestled between standard kitchen units. Recognised as the world’s best cooking appliance, the AGA commands a level of adulation more often associated with the glitz of Hollywood fame — and generates similar devotion. It’s deemed the number one luxury appliance brand and revered as one of the top three design icons of the century. It’s the kitchen centrepiece of Celebrities, Professional Chefs and Homeowners across the globe. AGA represents a lifestyle, one that owners embrace and share fervently with others. The simple fact is that the AGA is an amazing cooker – easy to use, a joy to live with and a great addition to any home, and of course it produces great food. It’s a design icon that is as relevant today as it was innovative at the time of its invention.

 The AGA is available in a number of colours and sizes, designed to run on a variety of fuels and can be programmed to suit perfectly the rhythms of your daily life.



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