Outdoor ovens

Enjoy fire and cook your dinner at the same time with the Pizza Oven Outdoor Fireplace.

Old-world tradition is brought to the modern outdoor kitchen with Jetmaster’s new range of ultra durable wood-fired ovens. No matter what season, share fun, food and warmth outdoors. The fireplace brings a whole new dimension to outdoor entertaining.  The Jetmaster Pizza Oven has a stainless steel door flap, which is used to trap the heat in the oven while the food is baking. The stainless steel door flap can also function as a preparation counter. Both models are supplied with a pizza paddle, which can be used to load and remove the food from the oven. This oven is an amazing drawcard for friends and family and is the ultimate in outdoor entertainment. The oven offers the versatility of a traditional oven where children can make pizza, add their favourite ingredients and watch their pizza bake to perfection. The oven allows the chef the opportunity to bake different types of bread, lasagnes and other Mediterranean dishes, and experiment to their heart’s content. The pizza oven comes in both a wood burning and gas fired option.   Contact: Jetmaster


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