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Jul 6, 2015


As more and more people begin to seek security and move from free standing houses to smaller homes in complexes and apartment blocks, they sometimes have to forgo their large spacious kitchens for a smaller more compact space. Thus the open-plan kitchen trend has emerged. Open up your kitchen and create a much larger space by breaking down the non-essential walls, instead of feeling unnecessarily cramped in two small rooms. Open-Plan-Kitchen23 Once you’ve opened up the space don’t forget to create visual links between each of the rooms to ensure that the décor and styles of each room flow together nicely. This can be done by having similar cabinet styles or incorporating the same colour schemes. Utilize the extra space to its fullest by installing a centre kitchen island and create a trendy breakfast bar where your family and friends can gather during meal times. For more tips and trends check out the top 5 kitchen design ideas of 2015 on the Franke Make It Wonderful blog site.


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