Officine Gullo: Fit for a flat

The quality, technology and materials of the great kitchens by Officine Gullo are now available in versions suitable for a flat. Offering a full kitchen corner with an extra thick steel frame oven-enamel with brass finishes and perimeter rod and mahogany handles, the leaves and chests of drawers have hinges and sliding guides, while the larders feature a solid brass finish and handmade closing mechanisms.

COOKING AREA: Hob Blued brass hob with five burners, fitted with a maxi burner. The “mijotage” disc (a copper disc) is the ideal accessory to evenly cook food. Electric multifunction oven The oven has a cooking chamber with an XXL-capacity and a panel with sensor controls. It offers 14 different cooking features, electronic timer and clock. Fitted with a thermal probe to measure the temperature of meat and roasts with self-cleaning panels for the walls of the cooking chamber. The door has 4 hypothermal glass surfaces, thereby ensuring a lower temperature (45°C) on the outer glass, even during the self-cleaning cycle (460°C). It also has a safety block. Cooling The fridge/freezer is energy efficiency, easy to use and features an elegant design. The BioFresh drawers are mounted on extending runners and provide the perfect conditions for greater freshness. If stored at a temperature just over 0°C and at the right humidity, fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products maintain their appearance, taste and vitamin content for much longer compared to a traditional fridge. The DuoCooling system involves two cooling circuits with separate controls, which means that the temperature of the fridge and the freezer is set accurately and separately. Plus, there is no exchange of air between the two compartments, which prevents smells from passing through and ensures food doesn’t lose its natural freshness. The NoFrost technology solves the issue of having to defrost the freezer. Frost never forms in the compartment and the same applies to food. There is a built-in high-resolution, high contrast touch-screen display at the back of the door with an intuitive temperature control. Washing area Extra thick steel sink, perfectly sealed to ensure continuity with the worktop. Blued brass mixer tap with a dish rack. Corner wardrobe with glass shelves inside it. Hand-decorated majolica vases. Tableware & chairs Officine Gullo completes its kitchen with a series of accessories that add warm and welcoming details to the atmosphere: bottle racks, place mats and a bread container made of leather, silvery cutlery and more: even tables and chairs. With its total look, each product is fit for a flat, a place to enjoy, designed for conviviality and sharing the joy of dining together.
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