New at Blu-line Kitchens

Kitchens are of utmost importance in the home, so take pride in yours, create a place where you feel comfortable and a place where you want to spend time. Blu-line kitchens sent us their latest designs. They are immaculate. Kitchens designs like these exude a certain energy that draws you in. It will make you a culinary master, and if you think you cant cook, practise makes perfection.

Form- boasting sophisticated lines and a chic array of textures, all working together to craft a space that asserts class and distinction. the overcast lacquered doors offer an impartial backdrop from which the slate oak veneer and smoked mirror cladding can be elevated. alaska white stone offers the minimal touch to a scheme that is already refined.
stream – slate timber veneer enriches the soft-toned high gloss lacquer. smoked mirror cladding enhances the space while still maintaining a level of restraint, with oyster quartz flowing seamlessly from the island, offering emotion without diminishing function. the final note sounded in this already intense scheme is through the flamed granite, sealed and customised, resolving a space held in effortless tension.
Infinite – dramatic charcoal glass wall unit doors contrasted with the cool texture of white quartz stone, gently suggesting a moment to pause. charcoal timber veneer offset against the deep lacquered doors creating a striking contrast. the vastness of the architecture frames each section of the design, ensuring the space is enduring while remaining dramatic in scope.
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