Modern-day kitchen essentials

Kitchen architects, blu_line, specialise in locally designed and manufactured kitchens for niche clientele. The core focus of every project is based on functionality while ensuring that all the client’s demands have been met and exceeded. If you’re considering giving your kitchen a much-needed makeover, take a look at blu_line’s essential tips on bettering the design and performance of any modern-day kitchen.

  1. Consider cabinetry carefully. Cater for all functional requirements.
  2. Think ergonomics – it’s all about calm flow.
  3. Make uncluttered, clean lines your focus. Less is more. Always!
  4. Strive for timelessness but don’t lapse into boredom.
  5. Above all ensure that the space is relational – it should be pleasing for all who will use it.

Visit the blu_line showroom in Fourways to view over 300 square metres of immaculate kitchen architecture in the open-plan layout. The impressive display showcases the best in modern design, with each kitchen telling its very own story and revealing the blue_line difference; namely, that functionality comes standard.

Modern Kitchen Blu_line1
Modern Kitchen Blu_line2


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