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Metelerkamps introduces cleaning brand Town Talk

Metelerkamps want people to choose the best products that actually work for real-life pernickety homemakers, as they consider themselves as the ultimate home and lifestyle store that understands their customer’s needs. Their new products are a mixture of lightly fragranced waxes, oils, creams, sprays and cleaning accessories from England. Town Talk is a splendid range of delicately fragranced household cleaning products that put dirt in its place and make everyday chores more fun. More than 100 years ago, an Englishman named Mr Pexton developed an ingenious way of cleaning and polishing Victorian silver and silverware. As luck would have it, Mr Pexton’s company has grown its portfolio to include some other incredible products that leave us with convenient, time saving and safe alternatives for cleaning. All presented in colourful and quirky packaging, which adds some fun to your cleaning supplies. It’s not easy dealing with your house’s dirty little secrets. When it comes to keeping your home in order, it can be a serious struggle. We know how to clean, but dirt and the “signs of time” catch up with just about everything and wooden furniture takes the worst hammering. We don’t see it until it is out of control. And the scratches, watermarks and scrapes seem to be everywhere, it seems almost impossible to sort out. The range of furniture waxes from Town Talk include their renowned Lavender Furniture Wax. It feeds and nourishes your wooden floors and furniture and protects them from future scratches, scrapes and spills. It will even protect your wood from the dreaded woodworms that can be such a nuisance. It’s so easy to use and it smells like you’ve just trampled a whole courtyard of lavender, now that’s almost perfect. Metelerkamps11 Metelerkamps12 Contact: Metelerkamps

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