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How to merge metal and wood effortlessly into your kitchen design

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Metal and wood may seem like polar opposites when you think of traditional design. These two elements can however merge in such a stunningly seamless way – all it takes is a little out-the-box thinking. Simply follow these few basic design rules from Franke and let your imagination run wild. Rise to the challenge and show off some creative flair with your metal and wood fusion. Bring harmony into your design: Mixing contrasting elements doesn’t have to be the titanic task you might imagine. It’s all about unifying your kitchen environment with commonalities. Try using similar shapes, for example, you can place a rounded ornament like a vase right alongside your rounded sink mixer . You could also match square metal bar stools with squared off wooden counter tops. Assess which shape your kitchen design features most and experiment with ornaments, furniture or fittings that match this shape. Add some cheery hues: The concept of blending metal and wood is to flaunt the colours of the bare materials. Reproducing these colours within your ornaments, utensils or decorations, may result in your kitchen looking too flat and lifeless. Adding in an assortment of colours will immediately liven up your metal and wood fusion. It is possible to overdo it however; with too many different colours your kitchen may resemble more of a carnival than a stylish cooking area. It’s best to make use of a colour palette or colour scheme generator (which you can find online) to make sure your colours match. Make use of anchoring in your design. Various layers of metal and wood can create an interesting visual play within your kitchen design, but it’s important to get the basics of anchoring right otherwise you might reach a little too far. Anchoring is where you put base pieces, such as eye-catching lighting or an intriguing sculpture in place, which you use to guide you in tying your design together as a single coherent unit. Use a few stand-alone pieces to direct you, rather than purchasing every decorative piece that catches your fancy and hoping it will all just go together. Fusing dissimilar elements can be problematic, but it’s completely worth the challenge when you create a kitchen space that leaves you entranced by its mesmerising charm.

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