Life Is Easy In The Kitchen

Good looks and baseline functionality no longer cut it in the world of kitchen appliances. Today, increasingly more home owners are looking for appliances that test the limits of innovation – appliances that not only boast streamlined, design-conscious aesthetics and solid functionality, but that also offer cutting-edge technology that will go that extra mile to help produce only the best end results possible in the simplest and most time-efficient manner possible. Technology and style in one amazing collection.

M Touch Technology: Now you can operate your Miele Generation 6000 appliances in the same way that you operate your smartphone… A double cappuccino at the touch of a single button, finding the desired automatic programme on a steam cooker in an instant, or selecting the operating mode and temperature in just a few simple steps before baking – all is now done extremely elegantly and more simply than ever before with Miele’s new M Touch controls.



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