Hansgrohe: Equip your kitchen for new recipes

Is your kitchen in the state to cope with new recipes? According to Hansgrohe, 98% of people feel their kitchens are unable to cope with creating new complex dishes. New pressure heights in the kitchen Most people have a desire to show off their cooking skills socially, driven by the aspiration to keep home cooking on par with gourmet cuisine. With 40% of people entertaining guests at least once a month and a quarter of people entertaining twice a month, it’s no wonder that home chefs are finding their kitchen environments stressful. German Michelin star chef, Sybille Schönberger said: “Trying new recipes can be exciting but also challenging, with many kitchens simply not designed to cope with the additional complexity new techniques or foods can add. Rather than being put off, people need to take simple steps to make their movement in the kitchen easier, such as establishing a better kitchen layout or using intelligent appliances. This will mean they can cook more efficiently and have more time to enjoy their dishes instead.” On average, people spend 1-2 hours a day in the kitchen for eating, family time or entertainment. With one room being used for multiple functions, it is vital that the kitchen environment is as efficient and free-flowing as possible. Hansgrohe Select technology improves movement in the kitchen Hansgrohe has featured a unique button where water can be turned on and off without adjusting the tap or temperature, making it perfect for helping home chefs maintain movement and flow in a busy cooking environment. This technology controls the water temperature and turns the flow of water on and off by turning the valve. This added convenience requires no electricity or other devices in the base cabinet Richard Grohe, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board at the Hansgrohe Group said: “We have a strong history of creating beautiful designs which are also functional. We wanted this to be reflected in our new range, making movement and flow around the kitchen easier.” “Switching water on and off by pushing the button with an arm or the elbow now leaves both hands free to hold a heavy pot and keeps the mixer clean if hands are wet or dirty from cooking.”

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