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Aug 10, 2015

Franke’s top 8 cooking tips

Franke’s top 8 cooking tips to save time in the kitchen As much as we love spending time in the kitchen, we also love a good cooking trick or two, that’ll save us time to spend with the family. Franke’s put together our 8 most wonderful cooking tips to save time in the kitchen below. Cooking-Ideas24   1. Can’t seem to get the perfect, wafer thin slice of meat for a carpaccio starter? Freeze the meat slighting beforehand. When the meat is a bit firmer you’ll be cutting flawless carpaccio slices in no time. 2. Tired of losing half of a piece ginger when you peel it with a knife? Next time try using a spoon, it perfectly removes the skin without losing too much ginger. 3. Don’t waste herbs because you haven’t had a chance to use them. Keep them in the freezer, to ensure that they last and never throw herbs away again. 4. If you battle with peeling potatoes, this cooking tip’s for you. Boil them first and the skins will slide off easily. 5. Never wait for the kettle to boil again. Make a cup of tea immediately with the Franke Hydro Tap G4 , it provides instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water. Nifty, right? 6. Don’t throw away left over wine. Freeze it in an ice tray and use the wine cubes to add to your next glass. This keeps your wine cool without diluting it. You can also use the wine cubes while cooking to add flavor to a delicious dish. 7. Use this cooking tip to make combining butter and flour much easier. Store your butter in the freezer, when you want to bake simply grate it into mixture. It melts much faster and therefore combines quickly with the other ingredients. 8. Don’t waste precious time peeling the skin off of garlic. Chop the root off and then apply pressure with a blade on the other side, it’ll pop right out. Become extra crafty in the kitchen with these 8 nifty cooking tips from Franke. Don’t forget to share these with your friends, as the best kept secrets are those that are shared amongst our loved ones. Franke-Cooking-Time  

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