4 Gorgeous Window Designs to Enhance your Kitchen

4 Gorgeous Window Designs to Enhance your Kitchen

Feature image: www.casatreschic.blogspot.com   Forget about artificial light; let’s keep it natural. Make that dramatic difference your kitchen’s been waiting for and brighten it up with that brilliant illumination of natural light. You just can’t beat the benefits  it’ll add to your home: a sunny kitchen breakfast, great design aesthetic, savings on your electricity bill, and an increase in resale value. Reason enough? Take a look at these 4 beauts… 4 Window Designs to Give your Kitchen a Smile of Light:

  1. Bay Windows

Image: www.estherashe.com   These Bay Window add extra space and show off splendid greenery. Both you and your neighbours will be going green. 2.White-Framed Awning Windows
Image: www.imgfave.com   Let your kitchen accessories take centre stage by fixing a shelf across your window. Don’t be shy to display your special collection or favourite pieces and get those inner-creative juices flowing.  

  1. Panoramic Kitchen Windows

  Image: www.houzz.com   Make your kitchen as open as you’re feeling. Your guests will be sure to open up to the fresh air and sunshine that this majestic design offers. 4. Country Classic Window Design
Image: www.interiorexteriordoors.com Don’t you just love that country feel? If your kitchen’s feeling a bit too cosy you can exaggerate your space with some country window hospitality. Lighten up your sense of space by adding a window next to the areas you use most often and feel free to take inspiration from this stainless steel Zurich undermount sink if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen. Get your dose of vitamin D with these lovely designs. We can’t think of a better combination than cooking and sunshine! Have you enjoyed this blog? Get some more design inpiration with our article – 5 ways to revamp your kitchen.


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