Franke Share The Latest Buzz On 2016 Coffee Trends

Feature image: Franke Share The Latest Buzz On 2016 Coffee Trends Coffee may just be a quick pick-me-up beverage for some, but for others it’s much more than that. With a whopping 1.4 billion cups of coffee being poured around the world each day, it’s not hard to imagine that this drink has initiated an entire culture of its own. Admittedly, the addictive qualities of caffeine may contribute to the popularity of this hot beverage. But there is much more to the coffee culture than caffeine consumption. Starting from the ground up, the process of coffee production involves many fine nuances, which require an in-depth knowledge and unique set of skills. And It’s these complexities that keep the coffee culture alive with constant progress and innovative ideas. If you’re interested in finding out more about the innovative ideas that we’re talking about, then read on and discover the new and exciting 2016 coffee trends that Franke has to share.   2016 Coffee Trends That Are Hip And Happening

  1. Keepin’ It Cool

Although iced coffee itself is nothing out of the ordinary, its expanding flavour-range certainly is! Novel blends with condensed milk and maple syrup, for example, are really shaking up the scene!  

  1. Nitro Coffee, Oh So Frothy

This new coffee is rapidly gaining in popularity. And its wonderfully frothy texture is what keeps people coming back for more.   “But what’s so special about a bit of froth?” you may ask. Well, it’s all about the way this coffee is made. With an infusion of nitrogen, this cold-brew is released through a pressurized valve, which creates a texture that closely resembles Guinness.  

  1. Letting Nothing Go To Waste

2016 coffee trends are very much in favour of the saying, ‘waste not, want not’. And coffee producers are taking this to heart by attempting to use up as much of the coffee plant as possible. This includes a part of the plant called the cherry skin, which is turned into coffee flavoured baking flour.  

  1. Water: The Secret Ingredient

Would you believe us if we told you that water affects the taste of your coffee? Well, it does! But it’s not so much the water itself, as it is the temperature of it.   If your water temperature is too hot, you can end up with a horribly bitter cup of coffee, and if it’s too cold, then you’ll have yourself a weak and flavourless cuppa! Most coffee connoisseurs agree that to get the perfect balance of flavour, you need to set your water temperature to around 90-96°C.   With this in mind, mixers such as Franke’s Zip HydroTaps, are becoming increasingly popular in coffee shops, as they can be preset to any desired temperature and fit in with design trends that moving toward uncluttered countertops with clean lines.

If you are a coffeeholic and want more caffeinated-fun, then get your fix with this short video, featuring 2015 SA Barista Champion, Wayne Oberholzer.


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