Franke Fragranite Sink

If you’ve just bought a brand new Franke Fragranite Sink, then we’d like to applaud your eye for quality, as well as your fantastic taste in design! This hardy product will certainly improve the look of your kitchen, and make your daily chores much more enjoyable. And with proper maintenance and a little TLC, you can enjoy a lifetime use.


As you probably know, Fragranite Sinks are made from an extremely tough and resilient material, and so the wear and tear on this product is minimal. Even so, Franke recommend a few cleaning and care tips to ensure your Fragranite Sink retains its sparkling finish throughout its lifespan. Read their maintenance guide below if you’d like to make the most out of your purchase. How To Take Care Of Your Fragranite Sink Daily Fragranite Sink Care Fragranite Sinks have a non-porous surface, which makes them very hygienic and durable. This surface also makes cleaning hassle-free. Most deposits can be cleaned up by using dish washing liquid and hot water, followed by a clean water rinse. It is also in your best interest to dry the sink with a soft cloth, as this will prevent limescale build up on the surface. Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains For stubborn stains, it’s best to use a Multi-Surface Cream Cleaner. Apply this to a Scotchbrite* pad and clean your Fragranite Sink with this, using vigorous circular motions. Always remember to thoroughly wash and rinse away any cleaning agents that you’ve used when you’re finished. Do You Live in a Hard Water Area? Limescale deposits can create tough stains. To get rid of these, you should immediately remove the limescale with a diluted or mild acid, such as vinegar.  A better option could be the use of a proprietary cleaner, such as a Multi-Surface Cream Cleaner. Applied with a Scotchbrite* pad, it can penetrate the ‘depressions’ in the undulating surface. To remove built-up limescale, you can apply a proprietary limescale removing product. As a substitute to this, you can soak your Fragranite Sink in a one part vinegar to three parts water solution. This will loosen the scale and make it easier to scrub away with an abrasive pad and kitchen sink cleaner. Metal Pan Marks Wipe Off Easily Because Fragranite is harder than many metals, aluminium pans may leave a grey mark on your sink surface. This isn’t permanent, so don’t worry – a metal deposit from a pan will easily clean off. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners and Alkalis On Your Fragranite Sink Fragranite is less susceptible to excessive abrasion damage than most sink materials. However, we don’t encourage the use of abrasive cleaners, such as heavy duty scouring pads and wire wool. You should also keep strong alkalis away from your sink. Prolonged exposure to ammonia, caustic soda, caustic paint strippers, paintbrush cleaners and neat chemical de-scaling agents may dull your sink’s surface.    


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