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Jun 18, 2016

Father’s day beer chicken recipe with Lotus Grill

Lotus Grill brand ambassador for MobelliMitch Terblanche shares his famous beer chicken recipe with us for Father’s Day. It is an easy recipe with little preparation and once it’s on the Lotus Grill, it cooks itself. “I always put chicken on the braai with my dad, be it for Sunday lunches or family gatherings, but the first time he asked me to prepare the fire for him was on Father’s day. I remember I used too much charcoal and lunch turned into being dinner. I wasn’t the most popular person in the house that day,” says Mitch. “I have never lived it down and my dad has always made a point of reminding me about it whenever we are around the braai. So here is to you making your own memories this Father’s day, good luck and enjoy.”


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Beer Chicken Ingredients: – 1 cans of beer – 1 whole chicken – 1 lemon – Fresh Rosemary – Olive Oil – Pouring honey (you can use raw honey but it may not mix as well) – Ground salt & pepper – Your favourite herbs and spices Process: Prepare your rub:

  • Get a medium sized bowl and pour some olive oil into it, it is difficult to say how much but we are busy preparing a rub for the outside of the chicken so enough for that. You can always mix more if you run out.
  • Add about 1 tablespoon of honey to the olive oil and mix it together. Then add some ground salt, pepper and any other herbs or spices. You need to use your discretion here and add the flavours you think will work best.

Prepare your stuffing:

  • Take two stems of fresh rosemary and break them into quarters, if you are preparing a small chicken, one stem will be adequate. You will want to cut your lemon into quarters and use two wedges (if they will fit in the chicken, otherwise one will be enough). Feel free to pierce the sides of the lemon wedges with a fork to assist with the release of the flavour. Put it all together – this can get messy:
  • Give the chicken a quick rinse and pat down with a dish towel. Place the rosemary inside the chicken first, try get it as close to the top as possible and then add the lemon wedges.
  • Once the lemon wedges and rosemary have been added, the beer is next. You will need to place the open can of beer inside the chicken and place it standing upright. You will only lose about 2-4 cm of beer during the cooking process so the weight of the beer will hold the chicken up. If you do have a beer can holder for this purpose, use it, if not make sure your chicken is in the middle of the Lotus Grill and is standing upright. Do not be alarmed if the chicken should slide down the can of beer while it is cooking, this is normal and should give it more stability.
  • The next step is to apply the olive oil and honey rub onto the chicken. Make sure all areas of the chicken are covered, especially under the wings. The oil will run off the chicken whilst applying the rub, so be sure to use a tray or preparation board underneath.
  • Keep applying until the chicken is generously coated.

Let the chicken rest while preparing the Lotus Grill. Cooking:

  • I prefer to use the Namibian hard wood charcoal, but everyone has their own preference. I find that the hard wood charcoal gives off great heat and lasts a bit longer than some of the other charcoal and briquettes I have used previously.
  • Once the coals are ready, leave the fan on full, place your beer chicken in the middle of the Lotus Grill.
  • Place the Lotus Grill hood on over the chicken leaving the vents open. This will allow the chicken to cook through the convection method, which adds a great smoky taste.
  • It should take 45 minutes or more to cook. You may need to top up the coals half way through. Monitor the temperature on the top of the Lotus Grill Hood, when it starts to drop it is time to add coals.

Once the chicken is cooked, slide it off of the beer can, remove the lemon and rosemary and enjoy! LotusGrill89 Contact: Mobelli

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