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Jun 24, 2019

Experience The World of 6TH SENSE with Whirlpool

Experience the world of 6TH SENSE with Whirlpool’s Upright fridge and freezer pair.

WHIRLPOOL is world renowned for their appliances which are designed to simplify the way consumers interact with kitchen appliances. To solidify their No 1 claim they have introduced into the market their UW8 FIC XBN freezer and SW8 AM1Q XWR fridge which make conventional double door fridges a thing of the past. The new Upright Freestanding Pair gives you the freedom to place the pair in separate areas in your kitchen or they can stand next to each other to form a double door refrigerator.

“I always described design as sort of the emotional engine of a company, these people really have passion for the customer. They also have passion for product excellence and, quite frankly, just have a passion for getting it right.” -says J Mays who is the newly appointed Whirlpool corporations Vice President of Global Consumer Design and Chief Design Officer.


Let’s start by looking at the SW8 AM1Q XWR fridge which comes with Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology called FreshControl. This sublime function provides consumers with the perfect climate to store fresh and frozen food and helps preserve your food by maintaining the right temperature when the door is opened for a while. The perfect function to keep the freshness of your food for up to four times longer.

Other features in Whirlpool’s SW8 AM1Q XWR fridge include an outstanding capacity, so you’ll never run out of space to store your food. A dedicated bottle balcony, a MicrobanTM antibacterial filter for an increased peace of mind and an anti-fingerprint Optic Inox design for an easy-to-clean spotless shine.

Whirlpool’s UW8 FIC XBN 6TH SENSE Upright freezer on the other hand has multiple functions which includes the NoFrostTM system. The NoFrost functionality sensors that regulate the chilled air circulation to prevent the formation of ice so that defrosting becomes a problem of the past. Not only does this function control the frost in the fridge but it directs the cooling to where it is needed which optimises energy efficiency.

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