Eclipse: Tips for Making Your Kitchen Function Perfectly

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and is usually the room that we use the most. Research shows that a kitchen will last about twenty years – it is, therefore, essential that personal requirements are taken into consideration early in the kitchen planning process. To achieve a kitchen that you love to be in: ergonomic workflows, adequate storage space, and enhanced convenience are crucial.

Planning the layout 

Think ahead and plan well to ensure that the layout will provide short workflows so you can work efficiently. To minimise the number of steps you have to take, arrange kitchen cabinets according to typical workflows to create work areas or zones. Include zones for consumables and non-consumables, as well as cleaning, preparation and cooking zones. Store items right where they are needed by making use of high quality cabinet equipment and drawer organising systems to provide easy access to everyday essentials.

The perfect prep area

Drawer system (TANDEMBOX) with ORGA-LINE organisers and removable spice holders.

For optimal workflow and convenience, your kitchen preparation area should be situated between the hob and sink for quick and easy preparation of meals. It’s essential to have the right tools for cooking and prep work. It is just as important to keep these utensils organized and exactly where you need them to make kitchen tasks quicker and easier. Essentials such as cutting boards, spices, cooking oils and vinegars should be kept close at hand in the preparation area.

Drawers are very ergonomic making it far easier to access contents compared to shelved cabinets. This keeps your workflow simple because everything is easily at hand instead of awkwardly out of reach. Deeper, higher and wider drawers assist in gaining more space for storage.

Drawer system (TANDEMBOX) with inner drawer, including ORGA-LINE organisers and bottle set.

Keep drawers organised

Cutlery and serving utensils neatly organised with Blum ORGA-LINE dividers.

Don’t skimp on the interiors of your drawers. Good quality drawer organising systems, such as Blum’s ORGA-LINE and AMBIA-LINE enable you to organise cutlery, kitchen utensils, knives, electric gadgets and much more, ensuring that everything that you need is exactly where you want it to be. Place a pot drawer below your hob. Stack your pots and store the lids separately for neat storage.

Store preparation utensils in an organised manner with Blum AMBIA-LINE.
Separate your pots from their lids with Blum AMBIA-LINE for easy access and a perfectly tidy drawer.

Give wall cabinets a lift

Blum AVENTOS lift system available for wide wall cabinet fronts.

Choose wall cabinets to increase storage space in a kitchen. Doors fitted with standard cupboard hinges swing directly into your path interfering with your space and workflow. Lift systems, such as the Blum AVENTOS range allow the doors to lift up and out of the workspace, thereby giving you full access to the interiors of your wall cabinets. Doors can remain open in any desired position while you work and you can find what you need far easier and quicker. Opening and closing these systems is done with the lightest of touches.

Access high cabinets easily without having to hold onto the cabinet front.

Durable hardware and top quality motion

Durable hardware with top quality motion will ensure your furniture will work perfectly for a long time. When choosing your fittings for your cabinetry test them out in a showroom to experience the motion firsthand – open, close then decide. Never underestimate the important role that fittings play in making your furniture work. Fittings with superior motion technology, such as BLUMOTION, provide smooth running action and effortless soft-closing. Durable, quality fittings are worth the investment, especially those that have undergone extensive testing and carry lifetime guarantees, such as Blum.

Specify Blum to your kitchen designer or installer. The Blum range is available from any of the Eclipse branches nationwide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Contact 0861 eclipse (325 4773).

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