Dwell Interior Architects Talk About Kitchen Design Trends

Dwell Interior Architects Talk About Kitchen Design Trends

Image: www. mydomaine.com Considering it’s pretty difficult to predict what you’ll wear tomorrow, let alone future kitchen design trends, we thought we’d help steer you in the right direction by sharing a little design ‘forecast’ from Franke. For their first ever Make It Wonderful interview, Franke decided to get the low-down on hip and happening kitchen design trends by speaking to the directors of Dwell Interior Architects. Read on to see what Lauren Horsfall and Kelly Andries have to say on the matter! Introducing… The Directors Of Dwell Interior Architects
Pictured Left: Lauren Horsfall Pictured Right: Kelly Andries Be it corporate, retail, or high-end residential interior architecture, there’s nothing Lauren Horsfall and Kelly Andries can’t handle! With an extensive experience of over 30 combined years in the industry, these lovely ladies certainly know a thing or two about interior design! An Inside Scoop From Lauren Horsfall & Kelly Andries

  1. What kitchen design trends have you noticed lately?

  Answer: We’ve noticed a definite shift towards simple clean living. While we continue to create distinctive and luxurious spaces, there’s been an emphasis on ‘liveable’ maintenance-free interiors, leading to us using finishes such as large format tiles and slabs for flooring & countertops, as well as pre-finished engineered timber for floors and wall cladding -creating inviting yet resilient spaces. Other finishes that have to be mentioned as major design trends of 2016 are the beautiful marble and metallic accents, which we’ve loved!  

  1. Do you expect any new kitchen design trends to emerge this spring, and if so what do you think they will be?

  Answer: We see a movement to more eclectic spaces, mixing a variety of opposing styles to create a truly personalised interior. With regards to finishes, we’ve seen the beginnings of a pull towards matt finishes – moving away from all things metallic (Franke Onyx Fragranite sinks are a good example of this).  

  1. What are your favourite kitchen design trends of 2016 so far?

  Answer: We’ve enjoyed the trend of making kitchen spaces feel more like living spaces than utility spaces. Introducing unusual wall coverings, feature light fittings and beautiful artworks can completely transform the feel of these spaces.  

  1. Is there any design advice you’d like to give to Franke fans, when it comes to keeping the look of their kitchen up-to-date?

  Answer: We find simple clean lines, with no unnecessary clutter, the most timeless when it comes to kitchen design. When using Franke prep bowls and sinks, we find under-mounting them helps create this clean look.  To add interest to the spaces we’d recommend a mixture of finishes, for example adding a timber feature to an otherwise plain white or black kitchen lifts the whole space dramatically.   Whether future kitchen design trends head toward matt finishes, eclectic design or something completely unexpected, we’re ready for it. Thank-you Lauren and Kelly for the awesome insight, we can’t wait to see what exciting ideas emerge this new season!      


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