Contemporary Built-In Kitchen Islands

Contemporary, built-in islands islands  have become a popular trend in interior design, as it adds functionality and a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Where counter tops are used for preparation, the cupboards are used for extra space and generally stools are added to create a welcoming breakfast bar. Just because kitchen islands are extremely functional does not mean that they can’t become the design focus of your kitchen. Because modern kitchen islands come in a variety of styles Corobrik has put together their favourite kitchen island ideas below.

kitchen island ideas1
Built-In Kitchen Island Ideas Built-In kitchen islands are a permanent fixture, therefore the design style, materials and functionality should be selected carefully. To create a more rustic look and feel a face brick Kitchen Island is the way to go. Not only is it low maintenance but the texture of the brick adds an appealing look to the rest of your kitchen. We are also spoilt for choice with all the different colours and textures to choose from. So whether you would like a natural beige or a dark colour to add contrast, Corobrik’s extensive Face Brick range has the right colour to complete your kitchen’s look. Brick islands create a solid foundation and work beautifully with natural materials such as wood or granite counter tops. If you would prefer a smoother look and feel then a painted wooden kitchen island is also beautiful, and gives you the option to add a little bit of colour to the room.
Before you install your kitchen island ensure that you have decided on what you will use the storage space for. Do you need to store pots and pans? Installing a hanging ceiling rack above the island may be a better use of space and is aesthetically appealing. If you’re looking for a space to store your recipe books then add one or two open shelves to the corners of the kitchen island. However if you are already tight for space in your kitchen then rather utilize the entire space as closed cupboards to keep it neat and tidy. To create a similar look and feel for your kitchen island check out the full range of face brick options from Corobrik .


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