Caesarstone Launches New Vlog Competition Inspired by Suzelle DIY

Caesarstone Launches New Vlog Competition Inspired by Suzelle DIY. With the spike in smart phone usage and better connectivity, online video sharing is reaching an all-time high – which is why Caesarstone is challenging its fans to create original vlogs. The new competition was inspired by Suzelle DIY’s latest vlog launch, where she explains that her vlog is a video blog that will allow her to interact with her viewers and keep them up to date with what is happening in her life. Suzelle goes on to reference her latest Checkers advert with Nataniel and their blossoming friendship, humorously getting blown off by him via a Whatsapp text.

Suzelle latest Checkers advert with Natanielsee here
Suzelle DIY
Using the hashtag #CaesarstoneVlogChallenge, the public is invited to upload their vlog entries captured in their kitchens to inspire viewers, make them laugh or to just get creative and have fun. Vlog entries can be any length and must be uploaded to Facebook and other social media channels to be entered into the competition, tagging Caesarstone in the process.
The Caesarstone vlog challenges runs until 31 August, whereafter 3 winners will be selected and awarded R2,000 each. Visit for more information on how to enter.  


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