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Kitchens Jul 16, 2021

Bagnodesign Kitchen Mixers: Choosing the Right One For You

“The kitchen is the heart of the home”, so why not dress it up?

Finding the perfect accessories to fashion your kitchen can be challenging with so many colours and textures to choose from. The same applies when looking for the perfect kitchen mixer for your home.

When designing your kitchen interior, the latest appliances, and classy cupboards are thought to determine the modernity of your home. But did you know that choosing the right kitchen mixer could transform your kitchen from a functional cooking area to an aspirant chef’s dream?

Kitchen mixer taps combine hot and cold water, providing the essential water temperature to perfectly suit your needs. With an expansive range of kitchen mixer styles and features, you are guaranteed to find the one to complement the style of your kitchen.

When choosing the ideal kitchen mixer for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. Some of these being the style, finish, mobility, and features.

M-Line via Home Farm


The style of your kitchen mixer needs to tie in the aesthetic of not only the kitchen but of the home as a whole if you are trying to achieve continuity from one room to another. The two most common styles are classic and modern.

The Princess Nouveau kitchen mixer from BAGNODESIGN is a vintage-lovers dream. This unique collection showcases old-world charm that creates an invigorating space of nostalgia. The handles and spout perfectly present the classic design that resembles timeless royalty.

The modern style consists of sharper lines and a more simplistic design. The Zephyr kitchen mixer from BAGNODESIGN depicts the modern vision effortlessly. With sharp lines and a sleek nature, the modern-styled kitchen mixer helps achieve a striking minimalistic aesthetic.


You are presented with the gift of choice when it comes to choosing the finish of your kitchen mixer. Finding the right colour that complements your kitchen interior can elevate the aesthetic of your luxurious home as well as serve as the focal point of your kitchen. BAGNODESIGN offers a wide variety of finishes that is greatly showcased in the M-line collection.

With colours to match any design layout, the M-line kitchen mixers are available in chrome, brushed nickel, Zanzibar gold, and matt black.

Fire house mixer

Mobility and Features:

Kitchen mixers are available with a variety of features, including some that can manoeuvre the head, making daily use effortless. BAGNODESIGN specialises in offering state-of-the-art kitchen mixers that are modern in their functionality. A perfect example of their innovative design is the stylish Lab Two kitchen mixer. With a swivel spout that is practical for alternating between two washbasins as well as a spring spout that allows you to pull out the head and extend the flexible neck comfortably, it is well suited to both a classic and modern kitchen.



Finding the perfect kitchen mixer can be daunting with so many options to choose from, but BAGNODESIGN boasts a selection that is bound to satisfy almost every aesthetic. Looking at the style, finish, mobility, and features that you desire helps make the hunt for the perfect kitchen mixer, a lot easier.

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