AVENTOS HK-XS: A small lift system that makes a big difference

Less effort, greater convenience and seamless movement around the home are reasons why lift systems in wall cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. Good news is that AVENTOS HK-XS has now been launched in the South African market. This small stay lift is Blum’s innovative alternative to the standard gas stay lifts used in high cupboards and wall cabinets. The core element of this stable and durable lift mechanism is a small but robust spring package. Exceptionally compact and narrow, AVENTOS HK-XS offers a high level of design freedom, and can be used to great effect in those small, slim units in the kitchen, living room, hallway and bathroom.

Famed for its outstanding quality of motion, AVENTOS technology enables the opening and closing of cupboards and cabinets with seemingly weightless movement. On opening, the superb precision of the lift system provides a perfect stop in any position that is chosen. The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges allow for effortless closing in pure silence, and the system can be combined with Blum’s TIP-ON technology to open handle-less fronts. AVENTOS HK-XS is ideal for those small, top wall cabinets, as well as cabinets with low internal depth such as above the extractor in the kitchen, where one might keep recipe or books or seasonings that you want close and easily to hand during food preparation. The small installation depth ensures optimal use of the interior space. Used in the mirror cabinet above the bathroom sink, AVENTOS HK-XS provides the advantage that daily cosmetics and toiletries can be neatly organised and quickly accessible. As the system’s fitting position always stays the same and it can be used on one or both sides of a unit; it can be integrated with fronts and frames of different materials, weights and thicknesses; allowing the client the freedom to choose the look and feel that they like best.
There are various easy methods available for fixing the lift mechanism to a cabinet, with fixing brackets offered for wooden fronts, as well as for wide or narrow aluminum frames. AVENTOS HK-XS can be assembled virtually tool-free using the CLIP mechanism. The infinitely variable adjustment is simply carried out from the front using the adjustment screw. Calibration helps to ensure the front is balanced and ensure that the front will stop in any desired position. For further information contact any of the four Eclipse stores nationwide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth on 0861 eclipse (325 4773) or visit www.eclipsegroup.co.za


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