Movember with Metelerkamps

Movember has officially begun. For some, this is their first. For others, they are well into the routine of it. However, for all, the month of November is more than just growing your stache; Movember is a foundation that applies a global practice in charity, setting the benchmark within South Africa, facing third world country challenges. The Men’s Foundation recognises the opportunity of working with global knowledge and insights, adapted to our unique landscape and challenges applied through local NGO’s, to provide fixed term sustainable programmes surrounding prostate and testicular cancer, mental health issues and the impact of physical inactivity and facing the South African male population. Once your facial hair starts to tickle your lip and you’re making progress on the stache front, remember that it relates to a cause. Now that we’ve got the impact out for you to research and note, all this facial fur, grass grin, lip luggage and nose neighbours need a little TLC once they get going. For the best whiskers in town, choose from these great products such as beard balm, beard oil and shaving soap. To keep your upper lip from being too coarse or textured, refine it with some balm, and to keep it smooth in growth and appearance, try the oil. To ensure the rest of your face doesn’t take the attraction away from the stache, the shaving soap will ensure you keep the growth at bay. Metelerkamps have the best products to make your Movember a pleasurable one. They have introduced a new product from Florence, Italy called Proraso. It’s products are rich in natural vegetable extracts, have no artificial colours and are dermatologically tested. Proraso is one of the leading suppliers of men’s shaving goods in the world, millions of men love using Proraso as part of their daily shaving and grooming routine. Find your fix and keep your whiskers maintained this Movember with Metelerkamps.  


Shopping list: 1. Simply Bee Shaving Soap 2. Muhle Natural Alum Stone R295 3. Proraso Beard Oil R185.00 4. Muhle Twist Safety Razor R795 5. Home Grown from Simply Bee – made in South Africa ♥ Simply Bee Beard Oil R180 6. Proraso Beard Balm R199.00



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