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Cook in Style with A Whirlpool Energy-Efficient Oven

When it comes to your kitchen, innovation is key to helping you prepare nutritious meals for your family. Whirlpool’s latest electric ovens are easy to use, saving you time and energy in the kitchen. Now you can improve your cooking experience
in time and quality.

Whirlpool shares your vision of an ideal home. Their collections are here to help you realise that vision, with their outstanding technology, intuitive features and beautiful design. Your eye for beauty is their inspiration.

6th Sense Technology

With groundbreaking technology, 6th Sense Ovens introduce a whole new way of cooking. With 6TH Sense technology, Whirlpool’s contemporary ovens are specialized to give cooking results that are perfectly tender inside and ideally crispy outside. Its energy efficient and can save you so much… up to 50% energy and time. Essentially, 6th Sense does the cooking for you.

Click and Clean

Keep your new Whirlpool oven in pristine condition. The latest models, including entry level ovens such as the AKP 605-IX Entry-level oven features a click and clean function that allows the removal of the inner door for easy cleaning. Say goodbye to grime and grease with ease and keep your prized oven in tip top shape for years to come!

With a Digital Timer, 66L net capacity, fan assist function and multi function capabilities, these ovens make cooking a breeze.

Equally stylish in appearance, this oven further features soft closing doors for an ultra chic appearance that will fit in well with your contemporary kitchen.

Get cooking with Whirlpool.

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