AGA cookers on display at Brooklyn Mall

AGA invites you to view their range of cookers and fireplaces on display at the Brooklyn Mall Decor and Lifestyle in Pretoria until 23rd October 2016.

An AGA is more than just a cooker. It’s a way of life and a gentle one at that. In a world that moves at a thousand miles per hour, having an AGA in the kitchen is very special. The simple fact is the AGA is an amazing cooker – easy to use, a joy to live with and a great addition to any home. Plus, with our new generation models, you can use your cooker in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Mention the word AGA to any owner and there will be an instant and emotional response. To hundreds of thousands of devotees, the AGA is not simply a cooker, but a way of life. AGA owners adore their cooker and find it difficult to imagine life without it. Every AGA owner says the same: we love our AGA. Since the very first AGA cooker was installed over 90 years ago, the cooker has taken root in the hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Contact: Aga Living


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