The advantage of side-by-side fridge freezers

Quality, design and innovation


Unique and versatile, the side-by-side fridge freezers give you ample space to store and place all your fresh produce, jugs, leftovers and anything else you see fit to put in there. This appliance is for the family, it is sleek, performs well and easy to use. Here are some of the benefits: Easy to transport The fridge freezer consists of two individual appliances. This makes them considerably easier to transport, particularly if they need to be carried up staircases or around tight corners. Customer friendly. Easy assemblage The Liebherr twin appliances form an attractive and harmonious single unit with various fixing points and fascia strips for positioning across the front and ceiling areas. They are fitted with an integrated height adjustment system so that they can be optimally aligned with existing kitchen furniture during installation. Independent cooling circuits The appliances function completely independently of one another. If there should be a problem with the freezer compartment, the refrigerator will continue to perform without any impairment whatsoever. No transmission of odours If you happen to be storing a particularly strong-smelling cheese in the refrigerator, it can in no way affect the frozen items stored in the adjacent NoFrost freezer compartment. Combination possibilities The Liebherr Side-by-Side range offers incredible versatility with numerous possible storage options that can be tailored to meet personal preferences, such as an IceMaker, a wine tempering compartment or a full-space BioFresh compartment.

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