A culinary journey to The Kitchen

I recognise my favourite kitchen in Cape Town when I see it! Author and chef, Karen Dudley brings us Another week in the kitchen! This truly unique culinary experience by our fellow Capetonian with gorgeous photos by Russel Wasserfall and from-the-heart stories is your and your kitchens new best friend! Filled with scrumptious, easy-to-follow recipes, Another Week in The Kitchen promises to inspire our taste buds and bring Karen’s contagious love of food into our homes. With a uniquely South African flavour, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen!
A culinary journey 1

Having grown up in Cape Town, and not having taken much from her studies at university, Karen worked in Washington DC where she discovered new ways of working with food. She then made her way to lovely London,  where she learnt how to prepare parties for top socialites and gained acknowledgement as a chef. Then back to her beloved and diverse Cape Town, Karen settled in the creative and energetic hub of Woodstock and started her own catering business. Karen introduced the home base for her catering operations, her shop, The Kitchen! Overtime it has become a celebrated eatery and the favourite spot for the talented folk of Woodstock, all her other loyal clients and friendly staff. You can find her right there bringing out her deliciously fresh salads and sandwiches to locals and visitors in this fantastic little neighbourhood everyday!

A Culinary journey2
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