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Aug 26, 2015

Must-have products from Stingray

Here’s what’s hot at Stingray this month: Say hello to HEGS and goodbye to peg, line and sun marks. These award winning dual-hooks have been designed to maximize hanging space with an ergonomic grip for ease of use. The innovative grip lock system holds washing taut on the clothesline, keeping your washing secure and reducing the need for ironing. Made from injection moulded, 100% recyclable polypropylene and stainless steel, the spring ensures both strength and flexibility. Not to mention durability that will see the HEGS through years and years of daily use. Keep your washing on the line in spite of wind, rain, hail or shine. HEGS won’t crumble in your hands, split in half or fly off the clothesline in stormy weather. In fact, HEGS leaves traditional clothes peg for dead! Stingray_hegs VARTA has been synonymous with market-leading battery solutions for over 125 years. For the same duration of time, the company has been committed to the values behind its innovative made-in-Germany standard. In today’s digital world of data streams and mobile internet devices, the VARTA brand remains strong, delivering relevant products to loyal consumers such as primary batteries, chargers and flashlights. Stingray_varta SIMPLE HUMAN improves day to day life. By solving simple, often overlooked problems, the brand enables people to be more efficient in their daily tasks around the house. SIMPLE HUMAN describes its products as tools for efficient living because they are always simple, functional, and built to last. The company delights in the “light bulb moments” of life – the kind customers experience when they use one of SIMPLE HUMAN’s products for the first time. Stingray_simplehuman The Stingray Group is proud to be an exclusive distributor for HEGS, VARTA and SIMPLE HUMAN. Visit:

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