Major Tech: The Veti Range of Electrical Switches

Sleek design and the latest tech innovation is what you can expect from the Veti Range of electrical switches available from Major Tech.

The Veti 1 range has an ultra-modern, rounded design with complete and modular solutions for the more creative spaces in your home. The rounded, angled design ensures you can plug in all your devices without space restrictions. A large 3-pin plug will not prevent you from installing a 2-pin plug right next to it, for example.

While the modular and complete units’ trims are offered in black or white, the cover plates are offered in six interchangeable colours that will suit any environment. The colours include:

  1. White – A classic matte White.
  2. Cream – A Tiramisu matte finish (Tiramisu is a Dulux colour that could be described as a combination of Cream and Beige; an example can be found at
  3. Champaign – An elegant Champaign with a gloss finish.
  4. Silver – A gloss amalgamation of Aluminium and Silver.
  5. Bronze – A distinctive Bronze with a gloss finish.
  6. Gun Metal – A metallic Gun Metal with a gloss finish.

The Veti 1 range also includes an Omni-Cluster product which allows for multiple modules to be clustered together to form a single, integrated unit. Up to eight modules can be combined into a single device that fits perfectly into your environment.

When it comes to the ultimate in quality and an elegant design for electrical switches and sockets in your home or office, your only limits are your imagination with the Veti range from Major Tech.




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