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SwitchSmart: You Can Convert Any Home Into A Smart Home

It’s true, with all the changes in technology, you can revolutionise your life – and it doesn’t even have to cost a fortune.

Invisible intelligence
It’s something that you don’t necessarily see, but it’s definitely something that you’ll be lost without once you get used to it – the benefits of having a smart home.
SwitchSmart is a service provider in your area that supplies the full solution of affordable home automation and energy management. “Having a smart home is not just about convenience and comfort,” says SwitchSmart Director, David Britany. “It’s about reducing your costs and controlling unnecessary expenses.”

Energy Efficiency
There are a number of advantages to having the combination of an intelligent home and an energy-efficient solution. This includes being able to function even if there’s load-shedding. “With SwitchSmart’s solutions, you’ll be able to go completely off-grid, depending on the size of your house. The combination of solar power, battery storage and gas means that you no longer need to be reliant on power from the grid and, when you add smart technology, you can control what goes on (and off) in your home remotely.”

Your migration to this kind of lifestyle can be done in stages, too. “We can start you off with an inverter and batteries that will provide power for your laptop, TV, fridge, and lights in the event of load-shedding. The batteries will be charged by grid electricity when the power’s on and they will last 4 – 5 hours, so you can function with the basics until the power comes on again. For cooking and water heating, you would then use gas.”
“For a longer term solution, you can install solar panels. Your household would then be run by solar power during the day and battery power (with the batteries charged by the solar panels) at night, with all heating equipment – stove, geyser etc – using gas.”

Your biggest expense, says Dave, is the cost of the batteries, but SwitchSmart’s batteries will last up to 10 years, so they pay for themselves over and over. “Don’t be fooled by cheaper batteries,” he warns. “With lead acid batteries, you can only draw 50% of the capacity as power. With lithium ion batteries, you can draw 80% of the power, so while they may be a bit more expensive, you’ll reap the benefits many times over.”

Becoming Smart At Your Own Pace
The patented SwitchBee system used by SwitchSmart is completely modular. There is s no rewiring or wall drilling needed. SwitchBee fits seamlessly into any type of light switch or housing and there’s no need for a neutral wire, so the installation is simple.

The central unit allows full control of your devices from a distance. Select which devices to link and create your own scenarios. The conversion takes no more than a day, with no modifications to the existing wiring. We retrofit your switches with a smart modern touch switch. The system is a safe, secure solution with low energy usage that operates only when you perform an action.

The SwitchSmart functionality allows you to create your own personal dashboard by yourself. Set timers, activate several lights at the same time, dim the lights (provided the light bulbs support dimming), heat the water, turn off the TV, open and close your garage doors, control your CCTV cameras and much more.

“The whole system is fresh, modern and very good looking,” David adds. “You can customise it any way that you want, you can add as many devices as you like and you can view your entire household on your smartphone.”

“You can also control functions remotely, so if the weather turns chilly, you can instruct the air-conditioning to heat the rooms before you arrive home. There’s also a holiday mode that allows you to set a timer so your lights go on and off at specific times.”

With SwitchSmart and SwitchBee you can make an easy switch to a smarter home.

For more information visit SwitchSmart and to book a free consult, call 011 875 4315, or email: info@switchsmart.co.za.

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