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Warm up with Jetmaster fireplaces

Jetmaster offers a wide range of fireplaces that are practical and aesthetically enticing to boot. Enjoy the affordable benefits of extra heat on chilly days while consuming less fuel and energy. Jetmaster’s built-in and free-standing models generate convection and radiated heat; the proven two-way heating system utilises heat from the back of the fire, which would otherwise be lost to surrounding masonry or up the chimney, and circulates it to every part of the room. The damper control, designed to increase overall efficiency, reduces heat loss and governs the rate of burning creating maximum fuel economy. Jetmaster_fireplaces 1 An open fire has an irresistible appeal, and for busy people who demand high standards, Jetmaster’s Gas Convector is a perfect choice in fireplaces. Designed to operate silently, the Gas Convector provides a strong, realistic flame and ember pattern for either Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or natural gas. Jetmaster_gas_fireplaces Contact Jetmaster for a wide array of stylish fireplaces.

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