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Vicostone Quartz Countertops: A Spring Offer

Although still on the chilly side, Vicostone is getting ready for Spring!  Good news – VALLEY WHITE their best price Marble-look is now on special – while stocks last. The luxurious subtle vein runs smoothly across a natural pallet that compliments any interior. This is also the best priced Breton manufactured Marble-look quartz on the market today.  

VICOSTONE, founded in 2002, manufactures millions of square meters of engineered quartz stone, with a distributor’s network in over 40 countries.

Success from the international market:

Since then, the VICOSTONE brand has gradually affirmed its position in the international stone market, transforming interiors from kitchens and bathrooms to entertainment areas.

Since the first shipment 15 years ago, VICOSTONE has grown its position as a worldwide premium brand. The sustainable success in Australia was the premise for VICOSTONE to extend its globalization strategy to America. Since then, the reputation of VICOSTONE in the stone industry spread quickly across the world.

VICOSTONE’s products are manufactured under proprietary technology transferred from BRETON S.P.A of ITALY. About 93% of its stone composition is natural quartz, making it higher in flexural strength than granite.

By the end of 2018, according to market surveys, the brand identity increased to nearly 40%, more than 10 times, in just one year. This illustrated the company’s efforts on the journey to bring its products to domestic and foreign customers. 2018 and the beginning of 2019 witnessed many individual customers and projects using VICOSTONE products. High-class apartment projects increased their use of VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces.

VICOSTONE continuously innovates to provide new and trendy designs with the best quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Unique and luxurious, our products strive to meet the most diverse design requirements.

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