The hallmarks of a great ceiling fan

Ceiling fans ought to be noticed, so why not choose one that’s noteworthy? A ceiling fan needn’t be an eyesore; instead, choose one that boasts the style and intrigue of a gracious pendant light. With Solent Fans, you get the benefit of quality engineering and elegance as the company uses only the highest grade materials to revitalise the humble fan forever more.  This approach is what makes Solent ceiling fans stand out from the rest.

So what makes a ceiling fan noteworthy?

  • Contemporary design with personality
  • Elegant dimensions
  • Excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency as well as air movement
  • Beautifully integrated lighting solutions
  • Quiet operation
  • Factory balancing
  • Quality construction and attention to detail
  • Friendly and efficient before and after sale service and support

Producing a perfectly quiet fan is impossible because moving air and electric motors generate some noise; however there is a great deal that Solent has done to suppress noise from its range of ceiling fans.  Solent minimises electrical and mechanical noise by using high quality bearings and motors. As ceiling fan specialists focused on quality, Solent is always pleased to collaborate with architects, designers and homeowners to integrate ceiling fans into current designs, though it’s worth remembering that almost all ceiling fans are retrofitted into buildings which can result in a lot of expensive rework caused by fan location problems. If you are interested in finding the perfect ceiling fan for your interior, why not contact Solent for the best fan solution today? In the event that you do encounter any problems with the company’s products, Solent will work with you to resolve them with minimum of fuss. After all, the Solent brand is one that represents quality and innovation – backed by a three year to boot. Solent ceiling fans are available in exclusive styles and colours, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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