Stand 47: a better home

There is a stream of demands for what the home life’s ideal looks and behaves like and the modern-day living complementing it. Through an understanding and holistic and practical approach to the contemporary home, Stand 47 reviewed the traditional approach and process applied to building a home and came up with their own methods.

A better home adapts to needs and functions over decades; this increases its value over time. When it comes to Stand 47, the application and blueprint of its potential is simple: create an ‘open-ended’ design that allows the home to endure change, can do more with less and provide a constant opportunity for adaptation. By connecting to this mindset, the opportunities are endless. Less effort and fewer materials, construction, maintenance and living costs are required. Through the collaborative processes and insights, both Saint Gobain and The New Order have embraced the concept of building a better home over two years, finding a viable housing alternative in the high-end South African market. For the modern-day building to work, Saint Gobain put together a process to ensure Stand 47 would form to it potential by way of planning. This included an accommodation schedule, the design, specifications and constructions.
Accommodation schedule For a house to be designed in a considered manner, one must first know how it must work before thinking about how it will look, which will help with the rooms and functions required, such as: Internal rooms: evolve easily overtime without compromising the outer shell of the house or its architectural integrity with the possibility for multi-purpose uses. Fixed services: kitchen, scullery, bathrooms, garages, domestic quarters and storerooms. Flexible spaces: Living areas, bedrooms, study, patios and corridors. While lifestyles evolve, needs satisfied by the service zone undergo less radical changes, so the ‘living spaces’ must adapt to change more easily. Design Doing more with less, Stand 47’s site design focused on the landscape by incorporating views, working with the slope, integrating passive strategies for orientation, ventilation, light and thermal comfort, acoustics and water harvesting. It also incorporates principles from the Modern Movement and the Transvaal Regionalists of the mid-1900s. Specification Building costs and energy solutions were top of mind for Saint Gobain. They looked at solutions such as light steel frame construction, drywall and ceiling systems, Insulation systems in the walls, ceiling and floor, ‘organic’ materials versus hi-tech materials, integration of Solar PV power and approval from the local municipal council for light-steel. Construction The construction process was documented thoroughly in order to form an archive of valuable lessons so contemporary housing solutions were in sight for the future in South Africa. They constantly monitored, inspected, adapted and executed as per updated drawings to ensure quality control.
See the final product here: Stand 47


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