Spotlight: Midas – A Splash of Paint That Has Become A Legacy

As you know everything is about telling the right story. We asked Ryan and Sean Rack from Midas Paints to share their personal story and how it all began building the brand that is so widely known in the industry today…

Sean and Ryan Rack

This is the Midas story…

“Our story begins like this… Sean and I, we’ve always known paint. Our earliest memories revolve around it … the smell of it, the feel of it, the endless rainbow when we close our eyes.

From school afternoons spent in our father’s garage as we mixed paints, our first job learning the secrets of the trade to the unbelievably proud day we opened the doors of our own paint store for the very first time … and carried on our family tradition.

Our father, his father before him… this is our lineage liberally splashed with paint. Midas is more than just the continuation of our family tradition. It runs far deeper. It is a passion… one that has been nurtured and mastered through three generations, drawn the respect of an exacting paint industry and lovingly been shared with our customers who have, through the years become our friends.

Midas Paints Tygervalley #paints #midaspaints

So from sharing secrets about which paint will last longest or creating a special shade just for you, to dropping by to lend a hand with your planning and renovations, nothing is too much effort because at Midas we’re committed to two things – our craft, and sharing it with you.” – Ryan Rack

The story evolves from there introducing Sean who is a very well know personality in the paint industry with over 30 years’ experience in paint and has been involved in many prestigious projects. Sean has excellent management and business management skills with an entrepreneurial flair.

Ryan, on the other hand, spent 22 years at a leading corporate company specialising in waterproofing material, repair mortars and sealants. The combination of these skill sets have taken the business to a new level. Today is is a one stop store that has made Midas Paints one of the largest independently owned paint shops in Cape Town.

Midas Paints Tygervalley #paints #midaspaints

Their services include technical paint specifications, waterproofing detailing and design work for architects, but their services are not limited to paint and waterproofing. The combined skills give them the freedom to offer a full service to asset owners, portfolio managers, managing agents, architects and engineers by conducting conditional surveys of buildings, leak detection, render repairs, waterproofing and general repairs.

Midas Paints Tygervalley #paints #midaspaints

These surveys come in a form of a report with a specification. They are often asked by assets owners to take this to tender level and assist the clients with the adjudication of the tender as well as conducting quality control through the project. Most other companies can only offer the paint specification for the building and the client will need to contact a waterproofing companies representative to prepare the waterproofing specification and then the client will need to contact the representative from a Construction Chemicals company to do a render repair specification and the client will need to compile the information. Sean and Ryan are in a very unique position because of the years of experience to offer this as a single service.


Midas Paints Tygervalley #paints #midaspaints

The also make use of the latest advances in technology and equipment to do all the above, which includes drone footage and investigation for inaccessible areas, they make use of the latest in thermal imaging camera’s for leak detection and verification of thermal loss and gain for green buildings.


Midas Paints Tygervalley #paints #midaspaints

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