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Pudlo & CemteQ: A Game Changer for Construction

In recent and very exciting events, Pudlo has formed a strategic distribution partnership with CemteQ Building Solutions, a progressive and innovative specialist manufacturer of cement products.

What makes this collaboration exciting, is that their perlite-based cement products are innovative, progressive and an absolute game-changer in the construction industry.

CemteQ combines perlite as an aggregate in their products. The result after application is lightweight, sustainable, heat-resistant, and durable. And, because environmental responsibility is at the heart of the operations, they also use materials like polystyrene in their lightweight concrete blends which do not add pressure to ever-filling landfills.

Let’s face it, “sustainability”, “durability’’, “heat-resistance’’, “lightweight” are not words that are usually bandied about in the industry when one talks about cement and concrete. However, it is these exact qualities that can change the foundation of the industry for the better.

Here’s a little insight into these products:

* PerLite: Widely used in construction in the middle east, Europe and the USA since the 1940s. Perfect for use in eco-friendly cementitious materials.

* PlasterLite: An ultra-smooth, one-coat composite insulating material for trowel-on plaster and low-velocity projection plaster applications.

* ScreedLite: This comprises a special blend of cement and construction-grade perlite aggregate for lightweight, insulating screed applications.

* PlasterteQ: A versatile, pre-blended plaster which comprises a special blend of the finest dried silica sand, cement, and admixtures for high quality internal and external plaster and patching.
* CemteQ 600D: This product is a high-tech lightweight concrete comprising recycled polystyrene aggregate preblended and bagged with the correct ratio of cementitious materials and admixtures to prevent segregation and ensure a homogenous distribution throughout the concrete with good pumpability.

Applications using these products include insulating plasters, floor and roof screed, cavity fill, decorative applications and more.

As the only distributor for CemteQ products in the Western Cape, Pudlo is excited to see how the landscape evolves into more conscious building within southern Africa.

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