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Please do touch! – SSS Siedle finished in Burnished Brass

Every architect is aware when designing a building that he or she is creating something of permanence: The aim of architecture is to chart a new course in design and aesthetic terms for the coming decades. But however much a building attempts to formulate an architectural vision, the more this vision will be subjected to change, once it has been made reality. Time leaves indelible traces: In this way, the building reflects the touch of its owner and the effects of the sun, wind and rain. We can either fight against these marks, i.e. the natural patina – or probably a wiser course, include the process of material ageing in the very choice of the materials used. Choose a material with natural patina capacities right from the start, secure in the knowledge of how it will age – and using this process aesthetically? In addition to certain natural stone and wood types, it is copper and brass which age in this way, showing the signs of over the years, resulting in an ambient symbiosis with the other materials used. To accommodate this design direction, door intercom systems from SSS Siedle can be finished in burnished brass, a living material that changes its appearance over time. The traces of wind, weather and usage form an authentic patina providing the system and the building a unique character . . . SSS Siedle – Please do touch! SSS-Siedle-Burnished-Brass PureNetworks is the proud partner of SSS Siedle fro Africa. Visit: + like SSS Siedle on Facebook here.

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