Plascon Colour Forecast 2017

Colour is not just a part of life. It is life. It’s how we express ourselves, it influences our mood and it helps us to understand our world. As South Africa’s largest paint manufacturer, Plascon not only has an expert understanding of our relationship with colour but also how to make using it easy and inspiring in any space. It’s about combining the science behind innovative paint with the evocative power of colour, all grounded by a deep understanding of the South African culture, style and environment. ABOUT THE FORECAST Plascon publishes an annual overview of the latest colour trends in their Colour Forecast. This exciting publication gives customers an insight into the trends at play, while at the same time making it easy to interpret them in their own spaces. KEY PEOPLE Anne Roselt, Plascon’s Global Colour Manager has been the driving force behind the Forecast since its inception. She travels around the globe in search of the latest colour trends and sets the platform for trends in homes. Colour Hive collaborates with Plascon on the Forecast, bringing an international perspective that is so valuable to a project like this. This global insight with Plascon’s deep understanding of the South African taste level, lifestyle and décor preferences produces something inspirational and useful. THE THEMES FOR 2017: According to Roselt, the  inspiration for 2017 came from the “world we feel under our feet and the worlds we create in our minds.” She explains that we’re seeing a more minimal approach to interiors with bold wall treatments and colour combinations making an appearance. This year is focusing on everything from perspective geometrics to very subtle colour gradations,colour-blocking and everything in-between. Colour Story One: Anonymous Anonymous is about the freedom you get when you strip right back to basics and embrace the softer things in life. It’s a new kind of neutrality – beyond a specific gender, identity, place or even style. This approach embraces simplicity and is a response to how oversaturated our lives feel because of all the things that surround us in the world. Colour Story Two: Terrain Terrain is an earthy theme inspired by desert landscapes and colours. It takes the raw forms of these places and interprets them into a warm and easy-to-use palette made up of oranges and yellows balanced by warm neutrals and a mineral green and blue duo. Colour Story Three: Prism Prism is a youthful and contemporary theme inspired by digital art and features layers of colour being used to create a sense of depth. There’s nothing serious about this story – it’s all about having fun with interiors. Colour Story Four: Pause Pause – for those who like a sophisticated neutral look. While it may be the most minimal and authentic at heart, it has maximum appeal thanks to a nuanced colour palette. THE COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2017 colour of the year is “In the Mood”. Taken from the Terrain story, this is a neutral colour with earthy grey and very subtle pink tints. Warm and grounding but always clean and sophisticated, this colour is the perfect backdrop for any space. As Roselt explains, “It really captures the ‘back to basics’ feeling that the world is going through at the moment but is still rich, warm and really easy to use.”

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