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Supreme Moulding: Your Guide To Decorative Mouldings

Skirting, moulding, cornices, coving. What does it all mean? And how can you use these decorative finishes to style a home you love. Follow our useful guide to help you understand these important terms and shop the latest decorative moulding trends at Supreme Mouldings.

What is decorative moulding?

Moulding adds a finished look to your walls and floors. When we talk about decorative mouldings, we are referring to any moulded feature or any feature designed to look as if it has been moulded – whether fixed to a wall or ceiling for decoration. This includes the parts that cover joints between different surfaces, such as the ceiling and wall.

Coving and Cornice

Coving or cornice refers to the moulding strips used to cover the joins between the ceiling and the wall. In the USA, these are often referred to as Crown Mouldings. Cornice is similar to coving although it tends to be more decorative, often with patterns carved into the moulding and with varying projection/drop dimensions. Architectural cornices add that extra detail and definition to the space such as those on offer HERE from Supreme Mouldings.

Cornices are a great way to add an elegant touch to your walls and ceilings. It draws the eye upwards and enhances your space with a beautiful architectural detail.

This trendy petrol blue skirting adds a wonderful pop of colour and brings life into your space. It also creates the perfect contrast for a more open and welcoming atmosphere!


Skirting, also known as Skirting Boards cover the joins between the floor and wall. The main function of a skirting board is to protect walls from damage. Walls are particularly vulnerable to knocks and scuffs around their base as people in the home go about their daily lives. Skirting boards act as a barrier that stops plaster from being cracked or broken. Skirtings come in a variety of colours, designs and sizes. This means you have the opportunity to customise your space and choose a finish that suits you.

Introducing a pop of colour to our enviroline skirting range! CASTLE GREY


Introducing ENVIROLINE, the range of fully recycled architectural Mouldings, Skirting, Flooring Profiles, and accessories from Supreme Mouldings. This range offers versatility and durability so that you can customise any room with confidence.

And now for a pop of colour in the enviroline skirting range: JET BLACK! This striking jet black skirting creates the perfect contrast, inspiring a sense of space and adding a unique touch of beauty to any room.

Adding decorative details such as skirting or cornices can give a room a designer edge and superior finish. It’s a great way to add definition in a bare room and add much-needed interest.

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