More movable walling systems from Able

Introducing Able’s brand new project range featuring a number of movable walling systems, designed to be fully interchangeable. Swap a panel from one system and replace it with a panel from another, whenever you see fit. In this way, space planners and facility managers to create spaces with unrivalled flexibility and ease of use, while saving on maintenance costs.

Able’s recently updated line now includes Reusable Dry Wall, Frameless Glass, 50 mm Solid, 50 mm Glass, 100mm Executive and the innovative Office-in-a-box.

Frameless glass:
Delivers all the aesthetics of a shop-front, but in a movable walling system. This makes it possible to create continuous glass panel walls without vertical support. The system maximises the amount of natural light that flows.
50mm Solid (left):
A full-height, demountable, floor-to-ceiling partitioning system. Screens are made from an aluminium framework with a variety of finishes. The system is suited to interior space that requires internal walls to demarcate spaces and create privacy.Reusable Dry Wall (right):
A full-height, demountable, flexible, solid panel and floor-to-ceiling partitioning system. It is a fully movable wall panel system that enables construction of interior walls normally linked with solid masonry and drywall. 


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