Know a good door guy?


There are so many times when we ask around for a good door guy. Not just someone who comes in and out to solve an issue, but rather someone to guide us to pick and install the right door solutions for our home in every aspect. So when we found Door Zone, we got very excitable at the prospect of the convenience when we want to use them.

Door Zone is one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers, installers and distributors of garage doors, house doors and frames for residential homes.  DoorZone® is proud to have built a reputation for always being first to introduce new and trendsetting designs that will enhance the security, value and curb appeal of your home. With a trained team of garage door installers, technicians and service crew who are fully trained and have many years’ experience who enable Door Zone to provide their clients with a complete reliable service and skilled workmanship that you can rely on, you will feel assured that all your needs will be met, in a professional and excellent capacity. Part of the International Door Association, they believe in the care and service of their doors and ensure that people won’t be hurt and give indicators on what to look out for in terms of challenges or repairs. All of their products are made in South Africa by a skilled workforce who are essential to the success of their company and who build doors that will stand the test of time.

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