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Make Your Fireplace A Centrepiece This Winter

With the ice and cold looming ever closer, the thought of a glistening fire indoors is pure perfection. Here we share some ways to decorate around your fireplace and help to position it as a centrepiece in your home.

Keep a distance

Don’t clutter up your space around your fireplace. Not only will the room feel more closed in, but it may also be a very dangerous fire hazard in your home. Ensure that your furniture and decor are placed at least one metre from your fireplace. This will ensure your safety and the safety of your furniture. Non-fireproof materials such as plastic and fabric should also be kept away from any open flames.

Create symmetry

If your fireplace is positioned in the centre of your room, it is easier to create balance and ensure that it becomes a feature in your home. Simply arrange your furniture symmetrically around the fireplace. Two adjacent sofas on either end of your fireplace will help to create balance here. Place your coffee table in the centre. This allows your fireplace to be the real star of the living room.

Don’t forget the mantel

If your fireplace boasts a beautiful mantel, decorate it with stylish accents. A mirror, artwork or even an arrangement of vases or ceramics may be the perfect choice. Be sure that nothing hangs over the mantel that could catch alight when your fire is blazing.

Keep it cosy

A fireplace is the epitome of warmth in any interior. Keep the rest of the room cosy and inviting with a mix of textures and soft furnishings to echo the look. Add throws in a basket or over your couch. Arrange ample scatter cushions to add to the comfort level of your room. Whatever your choice, be sure to incoporate a mix of textiles to ensure a comfortable and welcoming space.

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