Exposed brick wall

Exposed brick wall ideas for the kitchen. A unique and artistic style in modern kitchen designs is to feature an exposed face brick wall. By adding this brilliant architectural feature you can be sure to impress your guests, drawing them straight into the kitchen. Check out Corobrik’s exposed brick wall ideas below to add a welcoming rustic look to your kitchen.

Create an original look in your kitchen with exposed brick Installing a single exposed brick wall, is a wonderful way to stylishly create a unique rustic look and feel. If you only have one exposed face brick wall, you can turn it into the main, eye-catching attraction in your kitchen. Install low kitchen cabinets with a complementary granite counter top to bring out the wonderful texture of the bricks. Enhance the look by installing open wooden shelves, or hang cabinets with elegant glass doors and display your decorative crockery to add to the overall rustic feel. Hang stainless steel or copper pots and pans on a rack to add to the overall rustic look and feel. Use natural materials for the other fittings in your kitchen to complement the face brick such as; wood, granite or stone. Ensure that the colour of the face brick matches your design style by checking out Corobrik’s extensive face brick range .
Why should I choose exposed brick as a medium in my kitchen? 1. An exposed brick wall is durable, long lasting and maintenance-free. 2. An exposed face brick wall adds an interesting texture that enriches the overall design of the kitchen. 3. It helps to blend the contemporary and the traditional giving you a wide girth to really let your creativity flow in the design of your kitchen and create a magnificent masterpiece. Create a similar look and feel of an exposed brick wall in your kitchen, by checking out the full Corobrik range. and selecting a style that suits you.


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