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Homeowners can mitigate costs in the face of rising electricity tariffs! The National Energy Regulator (Nersa) approved a 9.4% electricity hike for 2016/17 which came into effect as of 01 April 2016. In addition to this, a substantial increase in the cost of petrol has been felt by the consumer.

REHAU is a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions in the construction and automotive industry and has been trading in South Africa for almost 50 years. “One of the best ways a homeowner can beat the on-going price hikes is by installing good quality, long lasting, energy efficient features which reduce utility bills, maintenance requirements, and possibly insurance premiums,” Baker says. One such feature is the uPVC window and door profiles, which will help homeowners reduce costs in a number of ways.

Reduce Energy According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 50% of your energy bill is spent on the heating and cooling of your home. uPVC energy efficient windows and doors are excellent thermal insulators, keeping hot air outside and cold air inside during summer while in winter, the three chamber profile has an opposite effect. This is a brilliant way of alleviating energy costs.

Durable Window Profiles Selecting a window profile that is extremely weather resistant is another money-saving option for homeowners. While aluminium erodes (especially in coastal areas), and wood can rot, uPVC stands up to extreme weathering!

Home Insurance uPVC door hardware is manufactured with high-security features, including a 5-point locking system. In addition, double-glazed windows prove an impossible task for burglars. The locks on your new windows will be much more secure, possibly reducing claims and increases in premiums.

Trusted Installation uPVC products are surprisingly environmentally-friendly as they require 43% less oil in comparison to the manufacturing of other plastic products! Even the greatest products are ineffective if not installed properly so in response, the REHAU Windows Academy was launched in South Africa in 2015. More than 30 years of global expertise has been passed on to our local industry through the Academy.

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