#DIY: Painting stripes

Painting stripes is a great decorative technique for creating focal walls and livening up interiors. Horizontal stripes will accentuate the room to make it appear more spacious while vertical stripes will make the ceiling appear higher. Choose between narrow, high-contrast stripes or neutral broad stripes to expand a tight space. Subtle wall stripes in muted tones create an element of sophistication and refinement whereas bright, striking colours evoke playfulness and a sense of creativity which is perfect for play rooms and kids’ bedrooms. Once you have all your supplies ready and the room has been cleared for painting, paint your base coat on the wall using the lighter of your two selected colours. After the base coat is completely dry, begin measuring and marking the walls for the stripes. If you’re still unsure on how to go about the task, allow the experts from Builders Warehouse show you how simple painting stripes can be.  Repainting a room is a tried-and-true way to refresh its décor but eye-catching stripes will elevate visual appeal to the next level. Remember, creativity is key!

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