#DIYWednesday: Chevron Wall art

This easy DIY guide, reposted from blog.sparkliving, will help you craft your very own colourful chevron wall art, perfect for adding a quirky touch to studies and bedrooms. Be inspired to exercise your creative talent here:

chevron 10
What you to buy: 15 balsa wood planks measuring 3 cm x 90 cm Utility knife Self healing cutting mat Ruler (preferably sturdy or metal) Acrylic paint (although any sort of craft paint will do) Paint brush & pencil Hot glue gun and glue sticks What to do: Using your utility knife and a ruler, cut down 10 of the balsa wood planks (put 5 planks aside to be used later for the backing) into 15 cm long pieces.
Next, cut each 15 cm  board into 3 cm wide strips. You should have a total of 24 strips per full plank.
chevron  2
The last step will be cutting the point on the end of each strip. By now you (should) have 240 sticks.
Measure 3 cm down one side of the strip- it doesn’t matter which side. Line up your ruler with the markings on your cutting mat to cut the end of the stick at a right angle.
chevron 4
Now that you’re tired of cutting things it’s time to switch gears and paint! Feel free to use as many or as few colours as you like. (Tip: If you don’t have that many colors you can always mix them with white and black paint to get different shades and some nice pastel tones).
chevron 5
This step is crucial: Paint one half of the sticks with the point sticking up on the right. And the other half of the sticks with the point sticking up on the left. This is so you have enough sticks to make both sides of the chevron pattern. You only need to paint one side (and all of the edges) for each piece.
chevron 7
When they’re dry, place your painted pieces flat on a smooth surface and start arranging the chevrons. You can vary the lengths and even leave a few pieces of the wood unpainted. Then take the planks you put aside and cut them to fit the lengths of the chevrons you’ve arranged. Next, using a ruler and pencil draw a straight line down the middle of each plank. This will be your guide for attaching the painted sticks and won’t be visible once everything is glued together. Using a hot glue gun, glue the painted sticks along the guide line. Make sure you line the pointed edge of the stick up with the penciled guide line otherwise things can start looking “off track”. If you find that your plank is longer than you needed simply trim off any visible excess using your utility knife.
chevron 8
That’s it, they’re ready to be hung! Due to the fact that the planks are so light, all you need is are a few velcro strips attached to the back. If you’d like to make your chevron wall art a little more 3D you can cut your excess balsa planks into smaller pieces and glue them in a stack on the back of each chevron. It’s a hard to tell from the picture below but each chevron is stacked with a different number of planks so that some stick out more than others.
chevron 9


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